Meet Oliver

I have always had an interest in IT starting from a very young age, and have in recent years started pursuing my interest by researching the different types of hardware that computers use. I began building my own computers around 3 years ago and have built around 6 for friends and families using knowledge I learnt from the internet and my own experiences. In my spare time I usually just play video games on my computer with my friends, which has been my main hobby for the majority of my life. This interest in IT was the main motivation behind me applying for an IT role within the YBS, and thankfully I can pursue this interest on a daily basis as my job.

I am now working on the IT Service Desk we are responsible for taking the initial details of any issues that our internal colleagues are experiencing, logging a ticket for every incident. We aim to provide a 65% first line fix rate however if we cannot fix the issue in the first instance we can escalate the tickets to our 2nd and 3rd line support.

My role consists of answering the phones and taking the details of issues while attempting to provide a first line fix. Recently I have been given additional responsibilities, receiving training on helping out with our Lending incidents, resolving any issues with customers’ accounts etc. Along with this training I have also had training sessions with my mentor since starting about taking calls and logging tickets.

I have also attended 3 weeks of external training with Estio (our apprentice training provider) where I am working towards my Level 4 Network Engineer and Comptia qualifications.

So far the Apprenticeship with YBS has been a fantastic, my team have made me feel very welcome and have all provided me with all the support I need. My apprenticeship is also providing me with many different opportunities throughout the 2 year period such as the Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair event in Leeds. Everyone is very supportive and are always willing to listen to any queries or issues I may have. I am looking forward to my future with the group.

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