Meet Mya

I came from my second year at sixth from studying, business, sport and IT.

My role is an Apprentice Software Developer in the IT Service Delivery department at YBS.

On a day to day basis within my job role I use SQL and PL/SQL (coding languages used to communicate with a database) to solve incidents, problem records, requests for information and requests for change within the Group.

So far I have had lots of internal training at YBS such as training on how to use systems that are used within the in IT Service Delivery department and throughout the society.

I have also been on various training courses so far with my external training provider Estio, studying the topics; SQL (structured query language), Human Computer Interaction, Software Testing and Information Systems. Throughout studying these courses I really enjoyed them and found them very interesting and I loved applying this knowledge to my daily working practises.

YBS is a great reputable company to work for with kind supportive colleagues helping you along the way.

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