Meet Matthew

I left school after GCSEs and studied business studies at college getting a DDD. After deciding not to go university I followed the apprenticeship route and applied for a position at YBS.

I work in contact centre sales as a customer representative. I am the first point of contact for customers that are existing and new. I take new business by checking affordability and eligibility, which are the initial stages of getting a mortgage with YBS. I also do a lot of other variations such as product transfers; transfer of equity's and type/term changes.

On a daily basis I load my systems up and log in the phone getting ready to take calls, after checking emails and updating any work that needs doing I am able to chat with my very friendly colleagues whilst waiting for calls. Once a call comes through I do my very best to help customers and manage their expectations. I get a 10 minute break in the morning and afternoon, with comfort breaks whenever needed. I get a 30 minute lunch which is set, depending on what day it is I may also have time booked out for my apprenticeship work. This is time for me to read my book to get ready for my exam or complete any apprenticeship projects we are involved in, such as creating a website for YBS apprenticeships.

During the first 8 weeks of being at YBS I was in training with a friendly group that consisted of apprentices and full time employees. We took exams and role-play scenarios to make sure we were ready to go on the phones. Once our assessors thought we were ready we were able to go up to the floor to take calls. We were not alone though, we had 4 experienced employees stood behind us to help whenever we needed it. I felt that this first-hand experience helped me immensely and my knowledge grew day by day

I am very happy at YBS. People kept on saying that the company was so friendly and that YBS are very good employers but after being here 4 months, I understand where they are coming from. My other colleagues are friendly and helpful with my managers supporting me throughout my apprenticeship.

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