Meet Marc

I grew up in a background of computing and technology, My dad has always been a massive technology and computing enthusiast and I myself sort of grew up on that so I am now at the age of 19 and I love to tinker and play around with every bit of technology I can get my hands on.

At YBS I work on the service desk. My job is to be the first point of contact for all colleagues that have any IT related incidents or queries and the main part is to resolve these queries within the first 10 or 15 minutes of taking the call. If the incident or query cannot be dealt with by myself then it is my responsibility to get an incident sent over to the correct 2nd or 3rd line team.  In my opinion the service desk is a great starter role so you can find yourself as a person and think about where you want to go to further yourself skills and knowledge in the business.

My day to day role is to come into work, sit at my desk and be in ready for when the calls come in. I then answer the phone and use the service connect portal to log an incident. This is then used to delegate over to a 2nd or 3rd line if I am unable to fix the issue.

I have done around 3-4 weeks of training so far. 2 weeks doing the CompTIA A+ 901 and 902, I have passed and completed the 901 exam and am yet to sit the 902 exam. I also had my first introductory week doing business procedures and the basics on network protocols.

So far the training has been as they have excellent and has been very easy to understand. The trainers and so understanding and help with any questions or queries that any of the trainees have.

I feel that YBS is a fantastic place to work as everyone around the business is just so welcoming and understanding. I feel that YBS bringing in the apprenticeship scheme is a fantastic opportunity for young adults like me who don't see the other side to what happens in financial services. I think the apprenticeship scheme will help YBS make a name for it-self for younger people who are maybe interested in an IT apprenticeship.

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