Meet Luke

I am a contact centre representative here at YBS. I answer calls from our mortgage customers with a range for different queries to help them understand how their mortgage works and make amendments to their account.

Since joining the group in September I have completed an eight week mortgage training course provided by YBS, which covered the different types of mortgages available and common queries people have regarding their account.

After completing my mortgage training I have started classroom biased training once a month with our training provider Kaplan where we have just started revising for our first exam. We also have one day a week for personal study time.

Although I have only recently joined YBS I have had lots opportunities to work with many of the different areas of our business from working with colleagues in IT to offer my input on this very website to our apprenticeship family and friends event where we invited our managers, colleagues and family to learn more about what we are working towards with our apprenticeship.

Overall I would say that working for the Yorkshire Building Society has been excellent and I enjoy coming to work on a morning and look forward to my future career with the Group.

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