Meet Jason

At school I studied media, art and IT and progressed to college to study creative media. After completing the year course I made the decision I didn't want to do a second year as I felt it wasn't for me.

I started work with Morrison's and I stayed there for just under a year while I figured out what I wanted to do and then I got the opportunity to work at YBS - that's where I am today. 

I'm currently a CSR mortgage qualifier and on a day to day basis deal with new and existing customers to qualify them and make sure they are eligible to take out a mortgage with us. I also speak to existing customers who are looking to do a variation on their account such as, borrow some extra money, change their product, transfer of equity, it could also be a criteria question a customer just simply wants to know.

Through YBS I've attended in-house training which lasted 9 weeks, which was a mixture of self-earning and in the classroom before starting in a development academy area – all designed to improve my skills.

I've also received training from our apprenticeship training provider with regards to our financial qualifications where we meet on a once a monthly basis to recap and learn about the various subjects.

I feel that YBS has given me a fantastic opportunity that I don't think I would be able to find anywhere else. They have taken all of us in and made us feel very welcome I enjoy the people I am surrounded by. Everyone is very friendly and nice and I enjoy my role.

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