Meet Jack

Before starting with YBS Group, I’d been working in the entertainment industry for around four years, doing various bits of corporate hospitality to bar and nightclub promotion. Safe to say that line of work wasn’t for me. Long nights, and 2am finishes on a Saturday night aren’t my thing!

A family friend told me that YBS were doing apprenticeships in IT. I was slightly sceptical at first about what the nature of work would be, as a lot of companies claim to do IT apprenticeships but in the end turn out to be rubbish!

I went to the apprenticeship fair back in July, and was impressed by the high level positions they were offering. Someone of my age (21), being offered a chance to apply for a position within network infrastructure was fantastic to say the least.

I work as a communications analyst here at YBS within the Network Services Data and Voice Team. My team deal with all the connectivity between head offices and branches, dealing with cyber security and prevention measures, connecting data centres and connection to all YBS live services such as our website.

In the voice team, I deal with all telephone lines into the group – setting up the menu options and recordings. I also manage all the internal phones in the business and control the call recording.

On a day to day basis, I monitor live traffic inbound into YBS, spotting threats and adding rules into our firewalls and detection systems to stop them. I also deal with connectivity issues branches maybe having. In the telephony side, we often get new requests for a new telephone line. I organise the recordings on the line, set up the menu options and set up the relevant diverts to the correct department.

With YBS, I have had full hands on training on the job. I have been given access to the live systems, and been allowed to make changes independently. Seeing how everything works is extremely beneficial, and been given the responsibility to monitor it is even better!

Our apprenticeship training provider Estio has also been superb. They offer ‘vendor-neutral’ qualifications – so you learn a lot about areas of IT, but nothing specifically about Microsoft or Apple for example. They use a large scope.

YBS has been by far the best move I have ever made. The training and level of support couldn’t be better. The perks and benefits of being an employee make your life so much easier, and also the salary incentive isn’t bad too!

I strongly suggest everyone with a passion to build their way up, through the ranks and also your skills – with a genuine passion for IT to apply for YBS. You won’t look back that’s for sure!

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