As a parent you want your child to get the best possible start in their career. We want you to feel fully supported in helping them make the right decision for their future and hope that the information we have put together helps you with this.

If you have any questions relating to our apprenticeships scheme, we'll be only too pleased to offer you any support. If you have any questions, please contact Andy.

Parents' story

We thought it would be good for you to hear from the parents of our apprentices. That way you can read information provided by them,

1. What were your initial thoughts when your child said that they were interested in doing an apprenticeship?

"We didn't really know that much about apprenticeships but thankfully we went to various apprenticeship recruitment fairs to find out more. What we liked about YBS was that they didn't just tell us about their apprenticeships, they also told us about apprenticeships in general. Things like the new standards, salaries and fixed term v's permanent contracts. Speaking to the people at YBS and having our questions answered was great. All our initial reservations vanished and we are so happy with what their apprenticeship is offering. We've been invited to events and feel part of the journey, which for us is great."

2. What reservations did you have when comparing apprenticeships and potentially a university route?

"After Olivia decided she didn't want to continue with her application for University, we were a little disappointed as she had an unconditional offer to Leeds. However, when Olivia applied for the apprenticeship we realised that this would be a great alternative. She would be able to earn a wage alongside attaining qualifications which gave her the best of both worlds. She would also not end up with a huge student debt at the end of the apprenticeship."

"Knowing that James is studying for recognised qualifications along with getting help and support within his day to day job is fantastic. We really do feel he has made the right choice and look forward to him progressing within a great organisation. "

3. What was important to you when looking for a company that offered apprenticeships?

"Progression and job security were really important for us. Some of our friend's children have completed apprentices and didn't get kept on afterwards. That made us really nervous. We really liked that YBS only gave permanent contracts meaning that George wouldn't have the same issues at the end of their apprenticeship as others – this was really important for us."

"When we spoke to smaller companies, there didn't seem to be the same level of opportunities in order to develop their career. We really liked the fact that YBS was talking about future opportunities and we really liked that there are different levels of apprenticeships that also support their current staff too."

4. What have you seen in your child as they go through their apprenticeship?

"We have seen Leigh's confidence grow immensely since she started and she is enjoying her job. There were teething problems in the beginning, as would be expected after coming straight from school into a large working environment but Leigh is really enjoying working with a great group of people who are supporting her throughout."

"It was amazing to see Marc go from being a shy young man into seeing him presenting in front of a group of people and not looking nervous at all (although he said she was shaking inside)."

"As parents we could not be more pleased with how things are going and the increased confidence we see."

5. What would you tell other parents about apprenticeships?

"It's great – we are really pleased that Jason chose an apprenticeship – and it's great that he is getting all the support he needs."

"You'll see such a difference in your child. They are not only getting experience within the work place and through their study, but they are also getting involved in projects and speaking to future apprentices at recruitment fairs. YBS have certainly made them feel important!"

"I've spoken to a friend who told me that he didn't do the IT qualifications that Jack is doing on his apprenticeship until after he had finished university. Professional recognised qualifications, job security, a good salary and 2 years work experience. You'd be mad not to support this."